Shopping In London With Discount or Freebies


Shopping in London is almost unlimited possibilities. Here you can buy everything, but what you can’t do is order on the Internet. About 50% of the goods that can be bought in London right now, in Russia, are likely to appear only after six months or a year and will be significantly more expensive, and some will not appear at all. Most importantly, this applies to garments of some European or American brands.
In the ranking of purchases, clothes, shoes, expensive equipment (the latest models of iPhones, tablets, e-books, cameras, laptops, etc.) are leading.
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Shop Hours
Most stores in England are open from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 17:30, large shopping centers close later - around 20: 00-21: 00.
Sunday shopping is becoming more popular among locals, so most shops are open on Sundays. According to the law, you can work a maximum of 6 hours on this day, so many open at 10:00 and close at 16:00.
Many large supermarkets work around the clock, small ones - from 8:00 to 22:00, but on Sundays everyone works from 10:00 to 16:00 - the law is the same for everyone.
  • On holidays, the work schedule is at the discretion of the owner, but absolutely all stores are closed on December 25 and January 1Sales


Sales in London take place twice a year, in winter and in summer. The winter season for discounts begins at the end of November and lasts almost until the beginning of spring - however, after Christmas, little remains on the shelves, although at very low prices. Closer to Christmas prices are reduced by 50-70%, and by New Year - up to 90%.
Summer sales begin in early July and end in late August. With the size of discounts the same story: the closer to the end of the season, the smaller the range and lower prices.
  • Out-of-season sales often take place in London: the company's anniversary, not the most successful collection - all this can become an occasion for extraordinary discounts, however it is quite difficult to find out about them in advance.
What to buy in London?
Clothing, shoes and accessories
There is a sea of ​​luxury goods in London, a lot of individual extra-class services, craftsmen who make custom-made pieces: fashion designers and tailors on Savile Row, manufacturers of hats from Chelsea, shoemakers, sewing shoes manually with Jermine- Street, etc. In addition, it is easy to find services related to the purchase of clothes: you can hire an assistant (personal shopping assistant) to help with the choice, and for a fee, close the store for other visitors.
In London there is a large selection of clothing and footwear of democratic European brands, they should be followed by Regent Street and the large stores Selfridges and John Lewis on Oxford Street. There are many youth brands in the Seven-Dayals area, and there are Marx and Spencer for conservatives. Prices are about the same as in Russia, but the assortment does not compare with the Russian one - it is simply huge; there are also many brands not represented in our country.
Oxford Street has the world's largest Top Shop. In addition to a huge selection of fashionable and inexpensive clothes, there is a beauty salon and a candy store, and Rihanna and Kate Moss sometimes come here for shopping.
It is often rainy in London, so umbrellas here are not only sold at every turn, but also become a kind of symbol of the city, like watches in Switzerland. There are many shops of cheap, designer and luxury accessories in the city, and in each of them there will be a choice of umbrellas. The most famous of them is the James Smith and Sons store at the crossroads of New Oxford Street and Bloomsbury, which has been operating in this place since 1867. From the road it would appear that Victorian London-style adornment, and inside there is an enormous determination of an assortment of umbrellas. Some of them are changed into a seat, and in exactly, an uncommon jar is mounted in a stick that can be loaded up with your preferred bourbon, yet there are likewise progressively great models. Costs - from 65 GBP . Costs on the page are for September 2018.
Scarves are also a hot commodity in London, since besides rain, wind often occurs here. The choice is huge, prices - from 5-10 GBP in gift shops.

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