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 Applications can hear and see you. Know when applications access mic or camera, in your style! 

Access Speck empowers you to see whether any application is utilizing your telephone's camera or receiver without your insight simply like iOS14 however with a few more style choices! 


Straightforward. In the event that whenever, the right now open attempts to get to your telephone's camera or receiver, Access Speck will show an overlay advising you whether camera or amplifier, or both are being gotten to. 

Additionally, rather than plain "dabs" appeared by access spots on iOS14, you will pick your own style of Access Dab, with choices of various styles of cautions, for example, Specks, Bar or Pill formed alarms. You can significantly additionally redo the shading, size and position of the cautions on your screen, bringing about absolute of up to 432 exceptional potential styles! 

Trust an application by your entire existence? 

Access Spot additionally lets you add excluded applications, demonstrating the applications for which you don't need any cautions. Effectively deal with these applications with one tap (this component is test and probably won't work dependably consistently on all gadgets). 

This application requires Openness Administration to distinguish and show cautions like iOS14. Without this, the application won't work. So ensure that you empower Access Speck's availability administration. 

Why this application over others? 

While other applications do exist, they give only one alternative, which is the one like in iOS14. In any case, since Android's excellence is in the choices and customization, Access Spot drives the route by giving you very numerous choices and a bigger number of highlights than other applications that attempt to mirror this conduct of iOS14 

Additionally we don't gather any close to home data, and will never under any circumstance (we likewise center around client protection simply like iOS14 does). You can peruse more in our Security Strategy. 

For some other inquiries don't hesitate to send us a mail through Input segment inside the application. 

Get camera and receiver use by any Application advised through Access Dabs on screen! 

Did you realize that once you award admittance to your telephone's camera or receiver to any outsider Application, they can utilize it quietly out of sight? 

What's more, do you feel desirous about the new iOS 14's protection include - shows a marker at whatever point camera or receiver is gotten to? 

Introducing Access Dabs for Android, supporting right down to Android 7.0! 

Access Dabs, adds similar iOS 14 style markers (scarcely any pixels light up as a speck) to the upper right (default) corner of your screen at whatever point any outsider Application utilizes your telephone's camera or mouthpiece. Access Specks will be obvious even on your lockscreen! 

Designing the Application is as straightforward as empowering the Entrance Dabs Openness Administration (Flip switch in the Application > (More) Downloaded Administrations/Introduced Administrations > Access Spots > Empower). Of course the Application is designed to show iOS 14 style hued admittance spots - green for camera access, orange for amplifier access. The Application itself doesn't demand for camera or amplifier access. 

Access Dabs is in early BETA, a work in progress, so far it has the accompanying highlights: 

● Show Access Dabs at whatever point telephone's camera/amplifier is locked in by an outsider Application. 

● Keep an Entrance Log, which can be gotten to from the Application's primary settings screen. The Entrance Log shows when the camera/receiver was gotten to, which Application was in forefront at the hour of access inception and how since quite a while ago did the entrance last. 

● Relegate any shading to both of the Entrance Specks. 

● On Android 10+, Access Dabs of course sticks alongside your camera pattern (if your gadget has.) You can design the area of Access Dabs to the point of determining X/Y organizes. 

The size of Access Dabs can be changed

While it's allowed to change the Entrance Dabs' tone to anything you desire, think about creation a gift to help the turn of events and approach not many additional setups like evolving the 'size' of the spot or its area on the screen. :) 

Note: If it's not too much trouble ensure the Application is whitelisted under any sort of advancement setting your gadget has, if the Application is executed from foundation by the Framework, you may need to restart telephone to get the Entrance Dabs dynamic once more.

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