Temp Mail New Usefull App Andriod

dispensable email address.

Utilizing Temp-Mail application, you can in a split second produce expendable transitory email address and quickly get messages, including photographs or some other connections.

Disregard uncovering your genuine email to everybody. It causes unending spam, publicizing mailings, email hacking, and phishing endeavors. Keep your genuine inbox perfect and secure. Temp Mail gives a brief, unknown, free, dispensable email address in 10minute mail style.

Why use Temp-Mail? 

Hide yourself from spam

No enrollment is required

Generate transitory expendable email

Protect your security and namelessness by not permitting spam in your own inbox

Receive numerous or single attachment(s) which can be downloaded from email


Copy to clipboard or utilizing QR-code

Receive messages and connections naturally

Get message pop-up of new messages

Read approaching messages, including connections

Download sources (EML), including connections

Quickly erase as well as create new email addresses

Access Additional highlights with Premium : 

Custom email names

Multiple letter drops

In-application messages see

Premium spaces

Extended email stockpiling

Premium support

No promotions

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