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Associate with WiFi For nothing around the globe! WiFi Guide is the biggest Wi-Fi people group On the planet!

WiFi Map® has in excess of 100 million WiFis accessible around the world

WiFi Hotspots, passwords and remarks from Wifi Guide clients!

Highlights of WiFi Guide: 

- Access Web With the expectation of complimentary when you associate with WiFi

- A great many WiFi hotspots accessible around the world

- WiFi passwords and tips

- Savvy search

- Guide route

- Channel by the closest WiFi around you

- Offer WiFis on facebook, instagram, twitter for your companions

- You can include WiFi hotspots around you

- Boundless Secure VPN

- Download Disconnected Maps when you travel

- Discover Web around the world

You need Web? 

1. Open WiFi Guide

2. Discover a WiFi hotspot accessible around you


3. Interface with the WiFi hostpot. You currently approach a Quick, Free and Solid Web!

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